Why will Pokemon GO earn $ 1.2 billion in 2020?

Top 5 in 2020 global mobile game

Recently, Sensor Tower announced the largest mobile game revenue report in 2020. Niantic’s Pokemon GO game is a game that earns 1.2 billion USD this year. Pokemon Go belongs to the group of mobile games “unicorn” with sales from $ 1 billion or more.

This game has been released for more than 4 years. 2020 is also the year when this game has the highest revenue since its official launch in 2016.

There is no doubt that this is the most successful AR game at the moment. According to SensorTower, in the 2020 global mobile game revenue list, Pokemon GO is the only AR product in the top 5.

During this year’s GDC summer video conference, senior game designer from Niantic, Laura Warner and senior software engineer Kirsten Koa shared production and forecasting the success of this game in 2020. Both have talked in details about the AR mobile game making space.

AR created the succeed for the game

Over the past few years, they have been making AR games on mobile and exposed massive player data. Therefore, Niantic has learned many valuable lessons and experiences. In more than 10 developments, Niantic has used AR technology to create a number of influential apps and games. But it takes Pokemon GO for them to succeed.

The company’s goal is to allow people to explore and exercise health through catching Pokemon. Gamers can uses interactive features with other players in real life. The goals are achieved by creating exciting real-world experiences and AR visual effects to create amazing experiences.

AR can create incredible experiences in a digital world, allowing you to interact more vividly with the real world in unique and fun ways. You can experience real locations through the virtual screen.

We believe that AR technology is constantly upgrading and changing. All expect technological breakthroughs in smartphones and tablets. The company will create on-demand AR games with more appealing experiences, not just Pokemon GO ”– company representative said.

Besides, during epidemics, players tend to stay at home more. And you can search for Pokemon right in your house. Therefore, playing safe, entertaining games is the goal and what Niantic can do to create a safe world during the pandemic.