VNG announced the National Championship of Call of Duty: Mobile VN

At 14:00 pm on 12/7/2020, VNG officially announced the rules and specifications of the National Championship of Call of Duty: Mobile VN. The event took place at the headquarters of VNG Joint Stock Company, with the participation of nearly 100 people including representatives of clans, streamers, sponsors, and media units.

Accordingly, the Call of Duty: Mobile VN tournament is organized online for Multiplayer (MP), Battle Royale (both have Series A & B), Queen Battle Royale (BR) & BR 48vs48. The total price for the whole tournament is 1.4 billion VND including cash, in-game items, and souvenirs. The schedule for the National Championships is scheduled to take place for three months from July 7 to September 9 and will then be an international friendly tournament.

First Place MP Series A will receive prizes up to 80 million, Second and Third places receive 40 million and 27 million VND. The following ranks include Tu, Five, Six, Seven, Eight and MVP with cash and in-kind prizes according to the tournament rules.

For Series B, the reward is CP. In particular, the first-class receives 16,000 shares, the second class receives 8,000 shares, the third class receives 4,000 shares. Rankings 5-8 receive the same reward of 2,000 CP, clans ranked 9-16 receive 1,000 CP/clan.
In addition, the first and second place teams in this competition mode will participate in the promotion round to look for opportunities to compete in MP Series A next season.