The Swordsmen X Mobile suddenly announced Closed Beta in 2021

The Swordsmen X Mobile is a martial arts battle royale game developed from the PC version. Game released by CubeGame. Swordsmen X Mobile is a game that appeared strongly after PUBG (since 2017). But so far it has not been completed.

After 2 years of development, there is no denying that this game has more improvements, changes than before. But it can be said that the production speed of this game is no different from the snail crawling. Recently, the manufacturer said it will test (possibly the last batch) of this game on January 1, 2021. Then the mobile game will be Open Beta.

Sharing about this delay, the representative of Swordsmen X Mobile’s executive board said that due to the epidemic, there was a shortage of staff making the game. Furthermore, the game needs to wait for licensing from the Chinese authorities. On November 30, the company shared the good news when they put Swordsmen X Mobile on the list.

Through the previous stages of development, it is not difficult for us to realize that Swordsmen X Mobile has drastically changed both the form and content of the game. If at first the game was merely “learn from” the gameplay quality of PUBG, after testing you can see that the game has more diverse modes such as 1v1, 2v2, 4v4. In addition, the system of virtual keys to manipulate the screen or the icons has also tweaked and animated.

Your ultimate goal is to win number 1, or in other words, to become the only one that remains. To do this requires gamers to be agile, responsive and lucky. You need to find yourself with the complete and most powerful equipment.