Survival game 3D released in 2020 for Android and iOS

This article will take a look at survival games with ‘awesome’ 3D graphics released in 2020. These are definitely super products that players cannot ignore!


Released by NetEase Games, LifeAfter Mobile is a pinnacle in the mobile survival game genre. The game is set in a terrible viral pandemic that has led to a wave of zombies spreading all over the world.

The player’s task is to survive and build up their own stronghold by picking up what’s left of the apocalypse and protecting each other’s lives with friends. In addition to fighting the undead, players also have to contend with other groups of players trying to grab resources.
The plot of this survival game is closely built that always attracts players, a diverse array of zombie monsters, many features to explore. Built carefully and perfected, LifeAfter Mobile has extremely detailed 3D images, which is definitely a plus point that makes players extremely satisfied.

Outlander: Fantasy Survival

The game is set in the magical medieval period and allows to become a pioneer in plundering unique treasures, Outlander: Fantasy Survival is so attractive that players think they are really in the world. and seek and confirm the ability to survive in any situation.

Outlander: Fantasy Survival is a survival role-playing game about a journey of survival in an unfamiliar land. There, players will do everything like building shelters, solving mysteries, or dealing with enemies.

Fatal Compass

Fatal Compass is set in a new land in the middle of the ocean. Meanwhile, all other lands on Earth have been almost completely destroyed by frequent natural disasters.
In order to occupy new land for the matter of survival, many armed soldiers and technology experts were sent there to investigate. When nearly all previous expeditions fail, you as the main character are allowed to bring your team there to complete the noble mission.

With rich content and perfect gameplay, players will go through missions to raid, build, challenge Boss, explore unprecedented vast lands and enjoy a great storyline led by one. Stunning way thanks to the perfect thrilling 3D graphics and sound.


The plot content of the unique survival game Badlanders specified by the publisher Netease is extremely attractive. In this game, players will be taken to a large island next to the Red Sea – which used to be the place to keep the world’s most advanced weapon technology to combat natural disasters.

The player’s task in Badlanders is to fight with 25 other people, each with their own item to survive. Players must defeat and collect the enemy’s equipment. Or players can collect pieces of equipment scattered all over the island map. The only way to win is to try to survive until an emergency exit appears and run away from the island.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends

When you join the world of Hunter’s Arena: Legends you will take on the role of talented demon hunters in the journey to rebuild peace for this magical ancient world!
Start Hunter’s Arena: Legends requires you to choose for yourself a character in the massive stock of generals available in the game. This is the factor that best shows the MOBA nature when each character has a skill set with 4 different active moves and an ultimate ultimate to use when urgent.

So anyone who is a fan of action role-playing games, fighting, MOBA or Survival will surely recognize the familiar features and sophistication in the feature design that the game creates. And one more point to mention is that Hunter Arena’s Legends will support Vietnamese language packs when officially launched.