Reviews on Fast and Furious: Crossroads

Unfortunately, Fast and Furious: Crossroad doesn’t seem as action-packed as it does in the movies.

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Fast and Furious: Crossroad was only released a few days ago and has been dubbed the “worst game of the year” by some critics.
The Fast & Furious series has created or inspired many other racing games like Need For Speed ​​and Midnight Club. These games have been released on many different platforms, even for mobile devices and of course arcade. When Fast and Furious released for PS2 in 2006 with inspiration from some of Tokyo Drift fans’ favorites, it met with mixed reception, averaging around 6 out of 10 on the web. famous reviews. This average score will be the prerequisite for many future Fast & Furious games, including Crossroad.
Fast and Furious: Crossroad is another reinterpretation of the series. It was originally scheduled to be released in May this year but was eventually delayed with Fast and Furious 9 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Crossroads has many of the same main characters and locations while combining racing with a rival version. Whereas movies, though sometimes lacking a plot development part, produced dramatic and sometimes amusing scenes for audiences for nearly two decades. Unfortunately, Fast and Furious: Crossroad doesn’t seem as action-packed as it does in the movies.

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Here are the opinions of some critics:
Push Square (Liam Croft): “Tedious and basic game to get even the most caffeine-addicted drivers to sleep. The races were so easy and the trips from one point to another were as dull. dishwashing liquid – really nothing for them. “
Score: 3/10
Gamereactor UK (Peter Hegevall): “The cars feel like inanimate big bricks. Most importantly, the missions are ridiculously silly and all revolve around trotting, driving straight ahead as quickly as possible, and watching cars explode in front of you as soon as they touch you … On the surface, this is also the biggest budget game but the worst of the year so far. In fact, Fast and Furious: Crossroad looks like a four-year-old mobile game. “
Score: 3/10
Eurogamer (Martin Robinson): “The camera in the game turns frantically and is beyond your control, unable to even shape the car you are driving. And then they just dive in and out easily slip at turns and when braking. ”
Number of points: Interrogation
GameSpew (Richard Seagrave): “Fast and Furious: Crossroad was a serious disappointment. Sometimes the film’s climactic action repeats over and over and a few short films showcase the film’s famous cheesy humor. But those few moments, mediocre visuals, and dull quest design have prevented Fast and Furious Crossroad from being a good game – but it’s the dreadful handling that makes it so bad. “
Score: 3/10

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It seems that Fast and Furious: Crossroad has completely lost its mark as a game heir to Universal Studio Hollywood’s biggest franchise. Although Slightly Mad Studios is known for its racing games and most notably the Project CARS series, the developer has been unable to deliver the same quality as his previous racing titles.
Fast and Furious: Crossroad is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.