PUBG Mobile: Discover the most suitable weapon combo for Sanhok map

Sanhok is a special map in PUBG Mobile inspired by tropical landscapes in Southeast Asian countries.

A large tropical island with dense rainforests, small villages, a resort, and military camps. This map also has some exclusive weapons QBU and QBZ. Here are the best gun combinations you should know to conquer this tropical island.
Vector and M416
Vector is the strongest SMG in Sanhok with a very high rate of fire. The gun’s default magazine can contain 19 bullets per reload while the extended gun can hold 35 bullets. It was enough to defeat the enemy in close combat. Many hot locations like Bootcamp, Paradise Resort, Camp Bravo, and Narip have lots of tall buildings and houses. So most of the time you’ll meet enemies in close combat. That is why the Vector will be the best choice for you on this map.

PUBG Mobile: Khám phá combo vũ khí thích hợp nhất cho bản đồ Sanhok

M416 is the most versatile and stable gun in PUBG Mobile. You can deal with both short and medium combat. But if you use the 6x range with this gun, you can also defeat enemies at a distance. We recommend you find a full attachment for this gun, such as sight/range, repository, foregrip, muzzle, and mag.

Beryl M762 and Kar98k
Kar98k is one of the most powerful SRs on this map. Moreover, you can find it in some places in Sanhok and do not need to hunt for airdrops for it. The best attachments for a professional sniper with Kar98k are the SR suppressor and extension mag for the SR. Then you can kill the enemy as an assassin. It helps you deal with long-range combat but you should find a good cover. A high hilltop will have lots of forests that would be the ideal place to camp and snipe.

PUBG Mobile: Khám phá combo vũ khí thích hợp nhất cho bản đồ Sanhok

You can then eliminate enemies in close and medium-range battles with Beryl M762. The compensator will help you reduce the recoil of this powerful AR gun. But you can also use a thorough set to hide your position. Beryl is one of the best AR in PUBG Mobile with a very high rate of fire. But recoil guns are a big problem for some players. A significant advantage of this weapon combo is that these guns use the same type of ammunition (7.62mm).