NetEase racing game appeared in the launch of Huawei Mate 40

On October 22, Huawei officially held an online press conference to announce new products Huawei Mate 40. It is worth noting that the new mobile racing game of NetEase Ace Racer also appeared in this introduction. This is said to affirm the quality of new smartphone products as well as NetEase’s cult game.

The two sides, Huawei and NetEase, will promote technical cooperation and retail marketing cooperation to ensure the parallel development of NetEase Ace Racer smartphone products and racing games. When Huawei considered the option of deep cooperation with Ace Racer, it showed that it values NetEase Games.
Ace Racer brings all the landscapes, oriental style roads into the game. If you have played racing games of Gameloft and EA, when you experience NetEase Ace Racer, you will feel completely new and deeply impressed.

The game has a variety of vehicles, designed according to the creation of the game makers in the NetEase Games team. It seems that even the most expensive supercars in the world today cannot be beautiful and luxurious with the models shown in this mobile game.
According to Gamma data, the China Game Industry Report from January to June 2020 published shows that of the 100 largest mobile games in the first half of 2020, racing game’s contribution was only accounting for 3.19%. The current peak monthly revenue of mobile games has reached 1.1 billion yuan. And the mobile racing market now has more than 25 million active players every day in China.