Lazer Warfare

We’re shooting invisible beams of fun!

Build teamwork and fellowship with an exciting sport that provides safe and active fun for all ages! Laser tag is perfect for parties, family events, corporate retreats, outdoor activity venues – anywhere with some open space and a group of people.

In its basic form, laser tag is a competitive shooting game similar in principle to a video game but far more interactive. Each player has a laser tag gun and wears a sensor headband. The players try to hit members of the opposing team by shooting at the other players’ sensors. Game rules can be simple (free-for-all) or highly complicated (structured teams with specific roles and various special rules).¬†Eight different game modes are available: Free-For-All, Immortal Arena, Team Elimination, Immortal Teams, Civil War, Super Mercenary, Zombies, and Regenerating Shields.

Similar sports include airsoft and paintball. However, unlike these sports, laser tag equipment works at much longer ranges, enabling greater teamwork and complex tactics, while maintaining safety and a family-friendly environment. Because the beams from our guns are completely harmless, laser tag can be played and enjoyed by all ages.

Laser tag is easy to learn and difficult to master. Reflexes, quick thinking, good strategy, relying on teammates, and athleticism all play a role in becoming a champion laser tag competitor.

Our equipment is of the highest quality. We do not use toy or imitation laser tag equipment because we insist on providing a great experience. Our equipment is very well built, high-tech, accurate and reliable – capable of hitting targets over 600 feet away! For these reasons only players age 12 and older may utilize our Lazer Warfare equipment.

We reserve the right to limit the amount of players that play at one time. Our decision on the amount of players is based on multiple factors including if the event is outside or inside, the amount of space provided, and the type of objects that are available to hide behind.

Lazer Warfare events feature our X-Series equipment. Play can be indoors or outdoors, day or night. Scoring is kept for every round showing team and individual scores. You pick the time for each round from just a few minutes to 20 minutes or more. The amount of players per round and game type variations is dependent on event duration:

Two hour events allow for up to four different game modes and up to 10* players per round.

Three hour events allow for up to six different game modes and up to 12* players per round.

Four hour events allow for up to eight different game modes and up to 14* players per round.

* The number per round is the amount of players for one round only and not the total amount of people that can play during the event, you can invite as many people to your event as you’d like.