How to play Among Us in Dota 2

Recently, the gaming community is excited when two famous Russian YouTubers XENO and Meeponegeroi have created a mod whereby gamers can play Among Us with the generals of Dota 2.
To be able to play this mod, first, you need to install the mod that is downloaded at the Steam community website, the following steps include:
1) Open the game Dota 2
2) Select ‘Arcade ‘at the top corner of the screen
3) Select ‘Dota 2 hope us edition’ from the Custom Games list.
4) Start the experience with your friends or wait for a random match.

Note, because this is still the version Among Us, there will be 2 main tasks. When you enter the game, you will be selected a champion, then you will randomly accept the role of a commoner or a fake. 2 out of 10 players will play the role of impostor.
If you are assigned the role of a civilian:

  • Complete all the missions on the map. At the end of the real-time quest or there are no more impostors in the game, the commoner wins.
  • By clicking on the bell in the middle of the map or by finding a corpse, you will be asked to vote. At the poll, you discuss with other common people to find impostors and execute them.
  • If you are killed, you cannot speak, but you can still perform quests in spirit form.

If you are assigned an impostor:

  • Impostors can win if they kill all civilians or larger numbers of them.
  • The imposter has the following abilities:
  • Ability to kill once every 30 seconds
  • Possesses a unique skill of the hero and helps you remove doubts from yourself
  • 4 vandalism