Guide to play PUBG Mobile on PC, mobile for newbies

Adjust the button
Sometimes the default settings and buttons are not right for you. Therefore, it should be adjusted to suit themselves to avoid mistaken situations. To customize the button, go to Settings> Control and press the Customize button. Then drag and drop buttons, button size … accordingly.

Điều chỉnh lại nút bấm

Choose the right place to skydive
Skydiving locations are very important in survival games in general, PUBG Mobile in particular because jumping in the right area with many delicious items will quickly loot the weapons and equipment necessary to protect yourself from other enemies. Choose areas near the bridges and the center of the map.
Parachuting properly
After finding a good jumping location, you can do skydiving but jumping is also an art. By intending to jump into an area with lots of good food, but jumping after other players, when they jump down they have loot all of their items, even dangerous to their lives.

Nhảy dù

If you want to jump into areas near the flight path, you should jump far 400m rather than jump straight because the umbrella will push you farther. Enough soup to sprung though will land faster. At the same time, point and drag the button on the left side of the screen to direct the character forward.
Also jump near areas, do not click on the parachute button, because the game is limited to just jumping to the ground how much it will automatically parachute out, and if you swing early, jump to the ground longer.
Choosing weapon
After landing, the first thing to do is to find a gun to protect yourself better. You can pick up AKM, Scar L, Mini 14 … generally rifles because you can fight in any situation.
If you want to shoot indoors, choose a rifle or submachine like Thomson, Uzi, Vector … and Shotguns, because in the enemy’s house will be very close, often in small places, difficult to move quickly.
If in areas outside the hills and fields, you should choose the type of rifle or rifle. With subsequent matches, as the circle shrinks, the distance between you and other players is very close, so the Thomson, Shotgun, and rifles should be preferred, and the sight guns should be removed.

PUBG Mobile

Use the automatic function available
PUBG Mobile also has built-in automatic functions to make it easier for new players to get acquainted, there are 3 automatic modes for players to use:
Automatic sprint: When you want your character to always run at high speed, just drag the icon to move your left up high, that function will automatically activate (Auto Sprint).
Look around without changing the running direction: Just move the eye icon to the right of the screen, you will see around you without changing the running direction. This helps to observe whether there are enemies around you or not.
Auto Pickup: Your character will have the Auto Loot feature, which will automatically pick up the necessary items like guns, bullets, armor, and some rare sight barrels such as 4X, 8X.