Fortnite iOS can ‘revive’ in a way that few people expect

Nvidia is looking to bring its GeForce Now cloud gaming service to Apple’s Safari mobile web browser. This means that Epic Games can restore Fortnite iOS on Apple in a “legitimate way” without paying taxes.

Specifically, the US chip manufacturer is looking to allow players to access the library of GeForce Now games stored on the server in the mobile version. Users will access it through Apple’s Safari web browser. This feature is also available on Mac, Windows, Android, and Chromebooks.

In theory, this helps Epic Games’ Fortnite – a battle royale shooting game – return to Apple devices without having to cut revenue from in-game transactions. When asked about the possibility of Fortnite returning to the iPhone via GeForce Now, Apple stated that developers should adhere to its guidelines, “including submitting individual games for review.”

Meanwhile, Nvidia told CNBC that it has not made any comment regarding the availability of any of the games currently available on their platforms. The representative also added that Fortnite has not been confirmed yet for GeForce Now on platforms other than PC, Mac, and Android.

Before that, a few months ago, Fortnite was banned from the App Store by opening an alternative payment method in the game, allegedly bypassing the “boss” of Apple.

The two companies have been going through a tense legal battle since August with Epic suing Apple for claiming the company is monopolizing the adoption of App Store policies. On the other hand, Apple contradicted, claiming that Epic had breached its contract with the company. According to Apple, up to now, Epic has earned more than $ 600 million from the App Store.

Epic isn’t the only game company to accuse Apple of abusing its App Store rules. Although Apple has adjusted its guidelines about services, Microsoft and Facebook believe that their policies are still too strict. However, Amazon is planning to bring its upcoming Luna cloud game service to Apple devices as a web app like Nvidia is opening up opportunities for more games like Fortnite.