Evidence shows that Area F2 is still in development after Ubisoft’s lawsuit

An information is circulating in the FPS Area F2 shooting game community that this product is still in development. In the past, the game was sued by Ubisoft and ordered to be removed from the app stores due to allegations of plagiarizing the game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.

Specifically, a player by the name of Rafael in the group on social networking Facebook posted a screenshot. This screenshot include information about the game showing signs of still being improved. In it, we can see that the last update of the game took place on October 24. Perhaps, the manufacturer is still editing and adjusting this game.

Previously, many sources also said that this game is being supported by NetEase to be released legally and not legally binding. The reason for this is that when the game launched a short time, it received the attention of a large number of players, highly appreciating the content of this game.

Area F2 Mobile is a mobile game produced based on the inspiration of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. This is a game that focuses on fighting between two teams in a limited space setting. The gaming community has warmly welcomed this game mobile . The game has 3D graphics with design images from the weapon system to the character quite professionally.