Discover Free Fire: What real-life character was Luqueta created on?

After a long wait, fans of Free Fire can finally experience the latest version of the Free Fire OB23 game, starting at the end of July 2020. In addition to pet updates, With new weapons and major feature changes, Garena has also released the next Free Fire character.

Previously, speculations had been made about the much-awaited character who was rumored to be ‘Lucas’. However, Free Fire eventually changed his official name to ‘Luqueta‘, a Brazillian soccer player. According to Garena, Luqueta has a skill, especially Hat Trick, that helps gamers get maximum HP for each kill.

It turns out that Luqueta character is adapted from Brazillian Lucas Paqueta is famous, no stranger to football fans. The name of the character Luqueta is a combination of Lucas and Paqueta.

Starting his football career at the age of 10, Paqueta quickly became a star of the Brazillian football club Flamengo. At the age of 19, he was the youngest footballer chosen as the backup plan for the national football team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The same year, this talented young midfielder also caught the attention of a $ 35 million transfer between Flamengo and AC Milan. He became a member of the AC Milan team a year later.

Since Luqueta can help gamers earn more HP to, this character is suitable for aggressive gamers. For now, you can get the latest character and his Soccer Star Pack with 500 diamonds. If you’re lucky enough, you can also get him or some other character during an event in Free Fire.