We’re making memories!

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It’s an enduring sight:  the joy on the face of a child holding a brand new stuffed animal. Children from all around the world have love stuffed animals. Many adults still reminisce of their favorites. From the comfort of your home, work, church, or park down the street your children and their friends can now create their very own stuffed animals!

Create-A-Critter is a hands on entertainment option where you make the guest of honor. We come to you, so there’s no need to travel. Perfect for birthdays, group activities, corporate team building, summer camps, church groups, school events, community events, fundraisers, and more! Make your own stuffed animals for charity, social events, craft activities, or just because.

Creating new friends is the ultimate group activity as the fun is experienced together. Hand stuffing your own stuffed animal makes an ideal gift for any type of celebration, party activity, or social event. Using small amounts of stuffing you start by working the stuffing all the way to the ends of the arms and/ legs if applicable. Adding stuffing to the head and then body completes the process. You’ll want to make sure not to over-stuff as your new friend should be soft and squishy and not bursting at the seams.

Simply select your party package, book your event, and send your invites. Then get ready for a great time having fun and making memories! Quantity discounts are available based on the number ordered.