Color Party!

Let the Colorful Chaos Erupt with Color Party!

If you’re planning a “color event” contact us for all your supply needs. Our colors are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. We use skin safe cosmetic grade dyes and fragrance that will not harm grass. Even if a large crowd throws the colors on grass it will wash away with water from a hose, sprinkler system or rain. We have multiple packages available starting with just the color (bulk color for throwing and individual color packets for the big color toss) all the way up to our complete package (bulk color, color packets, custom t-shirts, custom sunglasses, custom temporary tattoos, bandannas and even custom race bibs are available).

What is Color Party! ?

It’s only the coolest most colorful way to spend part of your day. By the time we’re through with you, you’ll be looking like you got in a fight at a Skittles factory and slid down the backside of a rainbow! Never been to a color run before and wonder what all the fuss is about? We can fix you right up with your very own colored dust bath! If you have been to a color run then you already know how much fun it is and now you can relive the fun and excitement at your convenience.

Is this good for small or large events?

Bring all the fun of a color run right to your house, work, church or school for a fraction of the cost! Our colorful chaos is great for birthdays, graduations or any other party or event. Let us help create a memorable event for you! Birthday packages are available starting with a minimum of 12 people. But, we specialize in providing larger events like summer camps, school fundraisers and community 1M/5K color runs and walks. Create your own Festival of Colors for any size event.

What is the Festival of Colors?

The fun is a celebration based on Holi, the Spring festival in India also known as the Festival of Colors and Festival of Love. Holi is a Hindu festival celebrating the end of winter (symbolized by attendees wearing all white), the beginning of spring (all the vivid colored powder) and the victory of good over evil. Holi happens one day each year, celebrated on the last full moon of the lunar month. Traditionally, the night before Holi is celebrated with bonfires, family and friends. People all over India get together to throw colored powder on each other in the streets to celebrate. It’s a time to live, laugh, play, sing, dance, forget, forgive and start anew.

Do you have to wear white?

Yes, wear white. Or costumes. Or white costumes. Disregard the “after Labor Day” social convention not to, and remember it isn’t a sign of surrender; the color will show up on a white shirt better than any other. The truth is that no one will be turned away or disallowed to partake in the fun if they aren’t sporting the whitest shirt possible, however their commitment to having fun will be questioned. There is nothing wrong with sporting the retro 90’s punk rocker look. In fact, in most cases, no one will question it, however we cannot condone getting facial piercings just to complete the look or listening to 90’s punk for that matter. Mohawks are another story.

What’s the recommended age?

The recommended age for participation is between “in-utero” and “still-breathing”. We jest. The color collision can be enjoyed by all ages. Just remember, we’re big on smiles and we strive to provide an amazing customer experience by meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations. Our goal is to create fun and entertaining events where families can participate together and create memories. We believe that every smile beautifies a community and provides benefits both to the wearer and the community at large. So when you’re planning your next special event please keep us in mind. Whether you want to party day or night, late night or all night, we can provide the fun.

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