Cabal Mobile – Legend re-launches on mobile in November

Previously, the game Cabal Mobile was open for testing from September 17 to 22, 2020 and received many positive reviews from gamers. The latest information said that the mobile adaptation of the online game Cabal will officially open in the first Thai market through ESTgames in collaboration with Electronics Extreme for distribution to the market. This is a complete inheritance from the previous Korean version, promising to bring to the community many interesting and engaging experiences.

Specifically, Cabal Mobile (also known as Cabal M) is a free 3D multiplayer online role-playing game. Original product developed on PC, designed by Korean company ESTsoft. Different regional versions of the game for countries are released one after another. In 2020, the official mobile version is scheduled to be released.

Cabal Mobile takes place in a fantasy world called Nevareth, nearly 1,000 years after being devastated by a group of mysterious people. Some people have unintentionally energized dark forces to change the natural law of rebellion, causing the so-called doomsday. After being attacked and destroyed, only 8 members of the Cabal survived, including the leader Faust. Players will have to take on the mission of reclaiming justice and bringing peace to the Nevareth land.

The game can be considered as a typical MMORPG on mobile, with a level not inferior to the MU era. PvE and PvP interactive systems are promoted and developed. PvP-element activities include taking down other players in the battlefield or going head-to-head in arranged duels between two players.
Cabal Mobile also built a system that divided players into 2 countries, Capella and Procyon as well as a Neutral faction. Gamers can join the battlefield of Tierra Gloriosa in all war-enabled high-level maps. You can ally with your clan and join the battle to increase strength.
The game is carefully invested by ESTgames in terms of graphics and certainly does not disappoint gamers when playing on mobile. Let’s look forward to the super product re-enacted in November 2020. In the future, the game will expand to Southeast Asia.