Badlanders – NetEase’s mobile survival game open beta in Southeast Asia

Badlanders is a relatively attractive mobile survival game released by NetEase, in this game, players will be taken to a large island next to the Red Sea – which used to be the place to keep the most advanced weapon technology. world to fight natural disasters. Currently, Badlanders has opened Closed Beta in some countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines and Myanmar.

The player’s task in Badlanders is to fight with 25 other people, each with their own item to survive. Players must defeat and collect the enemy’s equipment. Or players can collect pieces of equipment scattered all over the island map. The only way to win is to try to survive until an emergency exit appears and run away from the island.

Badlanders owns impressive 3D graphics and smooth. Items in this mobile game are also extremely diverse, allowing players to freely choose their favorite weapon to fight. In particular, the weapon and armor upgrade mode is designed so that players can ensure more safety for themselves in the mortal Badlanders arena. Even, the game also has a mode to buy and sell items that you can create yourself or buy a great item from other players.

In general, Badlanders is a survival mobile game worth experiencing if you are a gamer who loves the battle royale genre.