Arena of Valors – a top game

While Arena of Valors is enjoying a lot of success both in terms of revenue for Tencent and social influence, there are quite a few players in other eSports that are quite upset when they see someone. Play the game currently released by Garena in Vietnam.

Those who rated Arena of Valors.

 as a bullshit game often just played the game a few times, or played but did not match, so the results were worse than friends. But it is also possible that gamers who often play PC and mobile games have top-notch graphics, features and pioneering gameplay in each genre, so there is no sympathy with the Mobile Union – Arena of Valor is easy to understand. But if the No. 1 MOBA mobile game in Vietnam is “junk”, where are the top-notch super products standing? Here are some reasons to claim that Lien Lien Mobile is a true super product, not a bullshit, and also sơm factors that Vainglory, Mobile Legends, Onmyoji Arena and Heroes Arena are not comparable with Arena of Valors.

This first element is a rebuttal for many childish ideas that it is easy to climb the rank of the Union, or “The Allied Masters are only equal to the League of Legends Gold”. The quality of generals in the game Arena of Valors is spread evenly in many groups, with the difficulty level of using is equally diverse. There are champions who only need to apply the simple game of Hit and Run (both play and run) like Valhein, Yorn, Tel’Annas … but there are champions that you have to launch extremely standard skill combos to be effective. Like Murad, The Flash, Omen.

Many people disparage Arena of Valors graphics inferior to Vainglory in all aspects. That is the correct opinion. But what is the better graphics and revenue and social influence than Lien Lien Mobile? If you are Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian and argue that Arena of Valor is understandable. But in Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, China, the Mobile Union and its original (King of Glory) are still unmatched.

Arena of Valor has clearly reached a level that its competitors are hard to reach. Even this game can completely become a medal sport in ASIAD 2022. Professional Mobile League players are now regarded as eSports athletes equivalent to their peers in League of Legends, PES, Starcraft II,…