Among Us strategies, general tips for Impostor

Among Us has crazy about the world with more than 80 million downloads on mobile devices in just one month. This is a funny mobile game of friendship and betrayal as people try to find the Impostor to launch into space.

Ironically, while most people will be playing Crewmates, most people actually want to be Impostor. As an Impostor, you just need to press a button to kill while no one is around and repeat until you win, or at least that’s what happens in most random games.

Strategies for impostors in Among Us:
Avoid using vents when you don’t need them
As an Impostor, constantly using vents doesn’t really do anything for you. Plus, you risk more. What if someone is in the Admin room? Or what if someone walks in and sees you? The only time you need to use the vent is after you kill someone.

Keep in mind that the vents in Among Us will be very helpful as Impostor.

Don’t kill someone and self-report immediately
You will look very suspicious if you report too many corpses. If you can walk for a while, you will hit the body again. Also, if someone comes, you should report it immediately.

Don’t kill when the camera is flashing red
This is super obvious but there are a lot of people who don’t know about it and make a fatal mistake. Among the maps in Among Us, there are tiny cameras. When they flash red, it means someone is watching you.

Close the door before you kill, and then get out
Simple and effective. You don’t want anyone entering the room when you just killed a player, do you?
When there are only 3 players left, you will definitely win if you damage the power supply
A lot of people somehow fail to realize this fact. When there are only three players left, your team mates must hold a meeting immediately or lose when Impostor kills someone else. Holding a meeting is the only way to win for seafarers because they have a 1/3 chance of winning.

Forged quest
You will look normal, by spoofing your task on the taskbar in the Among Us game. But don’t create stupid tasks like loading data for the admin at the start of the game or some veteran players might know it.
Vandalism after you kill
You will have less chance of being discovered doing this.

Don’t kill where others have seen you enter
Let’s say Red has seen you while going to the warehouse to refuel. Then he turned around and decided to have an electrical check because the door was closed and found a dead body. There is no easier way to lose the game than that but many people have made this mistake.
Gathering crowded places
If there are multiple people in EXACTLY position, there is no way to tell who Impostor is. That’s normal when people are trying to fix phones, lights, …
Never give up
This is the last and most important thing all Impostor should embrace at all times.

Suppose, Blue saw you murder and reported it. Don’t just admit it and vote without a fight. Immediately told everyone that Blue was Impostor and he reported himself. People simply won’t know who Impostor is if you keep the game clean. It doesn’t matter if there are 7 people left, please fight and refuse to the end.