Frostpunk – The official post-apocalyptic city building game has the Mobile version

Recently, Polish game developer and publisher 11 Bit Studios has just announced information about its new titles and categories in the next few years, one of the most notable projects is Frostpunk Mobile, the anticipated Ants will officially release next year. Frostpunk is a game released in 2018 by 11 Bit Studios, although not as popular as the blockbuster AAA, but the game still leaves gamers with the impression of an almost frozen world.

Frostpunk - Game xây dựng thành phố hậu tận thế chính thức có phiên bản Mobile

Frostpunk introduction, this is a survival game building a post-apocalyptic city. At this time, the whole world is covered with cold, people are forced to migrate in search of a more suitable place to live. Players will play the leader of this group of migrants, your task is to command your people to build new bases, always keep your city warm, make the right decisions to save people’s lives … The cold is always at risk of stalking you and your people, ready to destroy everything you build.

Frostpunk - Game xây dựng thành phố hậu tận thế chính thức có phiên bản Mobile

It is known that this time 11 Bit Studios will cooperate with Chinese developer NetEase to exploit this mobile version. In December last year, NetEase once released a game called 第九 所 (roughly translated: Base 9), the game was commented on the style and gameplay very similar to Frostpunk of 11 Bit Studios. So the news of 11 Bit Studios cooperating with NetEase couldn’t help but surprise many people.

Frostpunk - Game xây dựng thành phố hậu tận thế chính thức có phiên bản Mobile

In addition to the information about Frostpunk Mobile, there is also good news for fans of the city-building game in this ice age. 11 Bit Studios will launch a DLC named on The Edge this summer to give gamers a new experience.

Apex Legends is closer to Mobile gamers than ever

The battle royale series has been a big hit since PUBG was released on PCs and mobile devices. “Blockbuster” Apex Legends is planning to attack the Android market in the near future, following the success of PUBG.

Apex Legends đang ở gần game thủ Mobile hơn bao giờ hết

After more than a year of waiting, more specific information regarding the release of Apex Legends on iOS and Android has been released. EA CEO Andrew Wilson has confirmed that Apex Legends will have a trial version on Android and iOS systems by the end of 2020. From the popularity of Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty Mobile after 18 months of release on Mobile devices, we can see that Apex Legends will surely be expected. However, the trial version this year means that the game’s official release date will move to 2021.

Before the success of the battle royale series on Android in late 2019. EA immediately seized the opportunity, planning to bring one of its newest IPs to the mobile market. EA outlined future plans for Apex Legends on Android (and iOS) during its quarterly earnings announcement meeting.

Apex Legends đang ở gần game thủ Mobile hơn bao giờ hết

The company says Apex Legends has become its fastest-growing brand. Of course, the mobile gaming market is not as saturated as the console and the PC. Now is the time when smartphones and tablets can reach the graphical level of consoles. And Apex Legends is the “sweet fruit” for EA to expand the mobile gaming market.

Referring to the mobile market, EA said: “We are negotiating in more detail to bring Apex Legends to China and onto mobile devices. We will update the specific time frame when the talks are coming. We will release Apex Legends in Korea on our own. The game gives EA the opportunity to build a direct link with the players here and we hope we can take advantage of this for We have great expectations for the future of Apex Legends, which is very popular and has a relatively high score on Metacritic (89) and a number of other review sites. great for Apex Legends. “

Police broke the hack tool sale line with the amount of nearly VND 350 billion

A hack and cheat trading line of PUBG Mobile was destroyed with a huge amount of money collected.
PUBG Mobile is still one of the most famous survival shooting games on the mobile platform. Although the PC version is considered by many players to be “dying” when the number of gamers has dropped dramatically over time, but the Mobile version is a completely different story. This game retains the position of a big man living on the mobile platform with a large number of players around the world, especially in the Chinese market.

Cảnh sát triệt phá đường dây bán tool hack PUBG Mobile với số tiền thu được lên tới gần 350 tỷ - Ảnh 1.

However, PUBG Mobile, like many other online game products, faces hacking and cheating issues that occur frequently and continuously. Players in Vietnam as well as many parts of the world always “scream” in vain when faced with extremely super hackers.

Cảnh sát triệt phá đường dây bán tool hack PUBG Mobile với số tiền thu được lên tới gần 350 tỷ - Ảnh 2.

Even, these hack tools can disable Tencent’s protection system within a single note when the anti-hack update has just been released, only a short time later, a new hack will be released. Of course, nothing is free, many gamers accept to spend money to buy the hack with the aim of becoming a master without having to undergo training.
That is also the reason why many of the nefarious people get rich from the PUBG Mobile hacks, even they have grown into a company with a large code hacking line to sell hacks with huge revenue. big period. Recently, according to the news broadcast from the city of Kunshan, China, the local police force broke a line selling cheat codes of the game For Peace (PUBG Mobile in China).

However, the problem became especially serious when the amount of money the line earned was extremely large, so the police in this city had to hold a press conference to deliver official announcements to the press. Tencent Games was the one who discovered the hack line from an online fraud forum, and later passed the information to the police. A total of 12 arrests have been made. The team from Con Son actually bought the hack from an unknown source with features like cross-wall, auto-aim …

The price of a hack is not cheap, with an average of about 10 yuan a day (approximately 33,000 VND), 50 yuan a week and 200 yuan if renewed monthly. The total amount of money that police in Con Son has cleared from this hack sale line is up to 15 million USD, which is nearly 350 billion VND, a huge number.
So see, there are many gamers who are willing to throw away everything, ready to buy fraudulent software to win by all tricks and enrich the nefarious people. Hopefully, in the near future, the problem of hacking and cheat will be relieved in online games in general as well as PUBG Mobile in particular.

Top 5 mobile games with strong stimulation

Are you interested in the horror game genre? This game genre is quite different from other types of games, and of course not for those who are mentally weak. Occasionally change the mood for a bit of horror with the following horror games

Lost Within
The context of the game is a … ruined madhouse. This place contains many mysteries. The task of the player is to transform into a police officer fleeing from bloodthirsty demons and assassins. These villains will appear suddenly from every unexpected corner. So you will have to keep up the morale and hurry your eyes to win. Lost Within is a paid game, priced at $ 3.99.

Không dành cho người yếu tim: Top 5 game kinh dị siêu kích thích trên mobile

Five Nights at Freddy’s
Five Nights at Freddy’s is a game for $ 2.99. This game is very hot, to the point of being adapted into cartoons. Background game in the pizza shop Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. The player who plays the guard must fight the monster who invades the restaurant at night. These monsters take on the appearance of a teddy bear – something that looks cute but transforms into a creepy creature. You have to watch the security cameras, the lights, and learn how to control the battery for those devices properly.
The second to fifth games have different backgrounds, but the graphic style is similar. The game combines both horror and mystery elements and needs deduction, not just the type that stimulates with sound and images.

Không dành cho người yếu tim: Top 5 game kinh dị siêu kích thích trên mobile

Eyes – free horror game
Eyes right from the name found very interesting and attracted attention. Right from the start of the game, you may have been shocked by the monstrous image of thousands of eyes on the wall. Next came the appearance of monsters without arms and legs, only with a wide mouth and bloody eyes. They will chase you and our mission is of course … to run away. Time is only ticked so you have to be extremely quick to get through the lesson.

Nhiệm vụ của bạn là phải trốn thoát khỏi những con ma như thế này

Home is also a favorite horror game thanks to its very own special graphics, pixel style. You will go on an adventure in the dark tunnel. Every step, every turn has to think. If we think wrong, what awaits us is the devil and the punishments of horror. Game in favor of the deduction game “brain hack” should be very attractive to those who like intellectual games. Home’s price is quite cheap, only 2.99 USD.

Những gì người chơi được thấy chỉ là một vầng sáng nhỏ, phải đề phòng mọi thứ đang diễn ra trong bóng đêm

Vanished – super weird horror game

Cảm giác Vanishes mang lại bằng thính giác cực kỳ lạ và ghê rợn

Vanished is definitely a game you never could imagine. The game has absolutely no images. Players only hear the sound and imagine themselves, imagine what is about to happen. This audio game seems simple, but when experiencing you will have goosebumps because the sound is so scary and vivid, its unexpected. Playing this game is required to wear a new headset. Sitting in a dark room in the middle of the night, putting on your headphones at maximum volume and closing your eyes to play Vanished is “right”.

10 good apps for iPhone you should not miss

Are you looking for a good iPhone app for entertainment, work, study or simply for news? So, please immediately refer to 10 good applications for iPhone summarized in the article below, guaranteed to not disappoint you.

Currency – Great app for iPhone
Currency is one of the first iPhone applications mentioned, users can convert currencies on the iPhone quickly. Update the exchange rate fluctuations quickly and easily. This application provides you with exchange rates for over 100 different currencies. This is considered a very useful tool for users who want to convert currencies.

This good iPhone app is designed with an elegant interface, with a selector to select the currency ‘From’ and ‘To’. If the user wants to change the amount, tap the number selector at the top or bottom of the screen, then you will see the selector flipped to reveal the keyboard. The application has hidden the virtual keyboard so that users can calculate rates on the full screen.

VSCO application

The power of this iOS applies to the superior quality of the filters available. Although filters are no longer strange, most of them incorporate colors that are offensive to the eye. VSCO selects only the highest rated filters. Admittedly, the free version only incorporates a few effects, but if you spend a little extra money, you can exploit a multitude of classic, subtle effects, completely changing the image. The only complaint is probably the icons in VSCO that confuse many people and don’t know what it will do.


Snapseed is a good app for iPhone to help edit photos for iPhone extremely powerful. Possessing many photo editing features with an easy-to-use interface, the application is easy enough for novices to learn how to use and be strong enough for professionals to nod. In addition, there is a built-in RAW photo editor, which applies not only to RAW photos taken from iPhone cameras but also from DSLR cameras. If you have the choice to install only a single photo application, choose Snapseed.


Pacifica is a beautiful and easy-to-use iPhone stress reduction app with tools created by psychologists to help users deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and health issues. Other psychology.
Based on cognitive behavioral therapy and other principles, the app includes songs, relaxing sounds, mood monitoring, journaling, and more.

While the app is free to download and try, for unlimited access to all of the app’s features, you’ll need to buy a subscription starting at $ 5.99. la a month.


SoundCloud is a good application for iPhone to listen to music with an interface, extremely simple design as well as helping users in the most optimal way possible such as having a very simple interactive system. The one-touch interface can allow you to play music, as well as pause or skip tracks you don’t like. And especially your favorite music album will be in the same position, making it easy for you to find your favorite songs to listen to.

If you are using an iPhone and an iPad that feels awkward in downloading music, SoundCloud is a great app for you. Do not hesitate any more that you do not immediately download this great SoundCloud application for your mobile phone. So you get great tunes from all over the world.

FPS Mobile game released with remake

Critical Ops (abbreviated as C-OPS) is a mobile FPS game developed and published by Critical Force. This product was released in 2015 on Google Play and released the Open Beta version in 2018. In 2017, Critical Force announced that the eSports shooter very similar to CS: GO is Critical Ops. It has surpassed 30 million downloads on both Google Play and the App Store.

Tựa game FPS Mobile được cho là cực giống CS:GO chính thức phát hành phiên bản “Remake” - Ảnh 1.

For those who do not know, Critical Force is the father of popular mobile games that impress players such as Critical Strike Portable, Company of Tanks, or Critical Mission series, … And Critical Ops, mobile version Almost perfect reproduction of the legendary CS: GO on Mobile has really captured the hearts of many gamers worldwide.
Recently, NHN Entertainment Corporation and Critical Force have released a completely different version of Critical Ops called Critical Ops: Reloaded. This project was first announced last year by NHN Entertainment Corporation in cooperation with the Critical Force. According to the development team, Critical Ops: Reloaded will be the new standard for mobile multiplayer shooters.

Tựa game FPS Mobile được cho là cực giống CS:GO chính thức phát hành phiên bản “Remake” - Ảnh 3.

The outcome of each match is not determined by luck. The key to survival and victory is the skills, tactics, and teamwork of gamers and other players. Critical Ops: Reloaded will not have an upgrade to power up or force gamers to pay to win. Critical Ops has previously kept the spirit of Counter-Strike, the more Critical Ops: Reloaded is the player comments the same as CS: GO.
All elements have been upgraded from the old version such as the interface, the chat system, and the chat in the game, the new map, and a lot of changes to the gameplay to make the player feel like playing a CS version. : GO on mobile platforms.
Currently, Critical Ops: Reloaded is released in a number of countries and regions, unfortunately, players can officially download on the App Store and Google Play store system.

Blade of God, a mobile game inspired by God of War, is officially available in English

Blade of God, a mobile game inspired by God of War has officially been in the English version, even downloadable for free
PG Soul Games has released the English version of the famous action game ‘Blade of God’. Previously, the Chinese version of this mobile game was released in 2019. Finally, after much waiting, the English version of Blade of God is also officially available on both Android and iOS platforms all free.

Blade of God, game mobile lấy cảm hứng từ God of War chính thức có bản tiếng Anh, thậm chí có thể tải miễn phí - Ảnh 1.

Blade of God is a 3D action mobile game inspired by the story of the famous action game God of War. This game allows gamers to control a mysterious character equipped with scythe-like weapons with the aim of attacking monsters and eliminating them in the most attractive way possible.

Blade of God, game mobile lấy cảm hứng từ God of War chính thức có bản tiếng Anh, thậm chí có thể tải miễn phí - Ảnh 2.

The control system of Blade of God is similar to other games of this genre. On the left side of the player’s phone screen, there will be a virtual joystick to control character movement. On the right of the screen is the basic attack button system and three special skill buttons that use attacks. Sometimes players can also use special moves to finish off the enemies in an epic manner with extremely attractive visual effects.

Blade of God, game mobile lấy cảm hứng từ God of War chính thức có bản tiếng Anh, thậm chí có thể tải miễn phí - Ảnh 3.

Player’s adventures in Blade of God look like the way gamers have to go through Diablo or God of War. During this journey, gamers face giant bosses and a few other dangerous enemies in your way. This is where players develop their offensive abilities by combining basic attack skills and combo skills to finish them off as quickly as possible.
The graphics quality in Blade of God is highly appreciated, the visual effect reminds gamers to a series of other famous action game products such as God of War or Devil May Cry. The control system of this game is adapted for touch screen devices which are quite important in games of this genre.

In 2017, Blade of God was nominated for Best Indie Game by 4GAMER.NET at TSG 2017. The minimum configuration required to play Blade of God on a player’s mobile device is at least 2GB of RAM. The recommended iPhone models to experience Balde of God are iPhone 6s or later or iPad Air 2 and above. Blade of God is currently available for free download on both Android and iOS platforms. Gamers can download Balde of God at App Store and Google Play.
While downloadable for free, the following chapters of Blade of God are not allowed to play “free”. Gamers can try the first part of this product before deciding whether or not to unlock the remaining chapters. Therefore, gamers should consider whether to buy the rest of the Blade of God and the advice is to try the free part of this game.

PUBG Mobile suddenly dropped the gift by plane

Normally, players are familiar with how to airdrop in PUBG Mobile or other survival games. Airdrop will be dropped from dedicated aircraft to random locations on the map. Players find and “loot” the hearing, then continue the journey. However, hearing is a double-edged sword, gamers who pick up hearing may encounter ambushes coming from rivals.

PUBG Mobile bất ngờ bỏ cách thả thính bằng máy bay, chuyển sang cách “ship” mới cực bá đạo - Ảnh 1.

However, recently, in the updated version of PUBG Mobile China, there has been a change, at least in this update, that is completely abandoning the normal hearing transfer, turning to a “ship” way. Completely new hearing. This is considered a way to drop extremely strange, surprising most gamers are experiencing PUBG Mobile in this market.

PUBG Mobile bất ngờ bỏ cách thả thính bằng máy bay, chuyển sang cách “ship” mới cực bá đạo - Ảnh 2.

Specifically, the airdrop will not be dropped by aircraft as usual but will reach players by … waterway. The listener is not a specialized ship but is “protected” by four giant toy ducks.

PUBG Mobile bất ngờ bỏ cách thả thính bằng máy bay, chuyển sang cách “ship” mới cực bá đạo - Ảnh 3.

There will be four ducks escorting the hearing box to the player’s hand. Of course, where the hearing comes from will be completely random. These ducks are called Little Yellow Duck, a new theme in the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile and it is still not known if there will be updates for other markets, including Vietnam.

Finding the hearing carried by these ducks can also be part of the daily tasks gamers must perform in PUBG Mobile. As a theme in this new update, it is not difficult to understand when there will be other Little Yellow Duck accessories integrated in PUBG Mobile, such as gun skins, equipment for players …

In general, with this interesting way of hearing, gamers will have a new experience in PUBG Mobile, instead of facing up in the sky “unmatched hatred” as before, players can hide now. rivers and wait for the magic to come.

Guide to play PUBG Mobile on PC, mobile for newbies

Adjust the button
Sometimes the default settings and buttons are not right for you. Therefore, it should be adjusted to suit themselves to avoid mistaken situations. To customize the button, go to Settings> Control and press the Customize button. Then drag and drop buttons, button size … accordingly.

Điều chỉnh lại nút bấm

Choose the right place to skydive
Skydiving locations are very important in survival games in general, PUBG Mobile in particular because jumping in the right area with many delicious items will quickly loot the weapons and equipment necessary to protect yourself from other enemies. Choose areas near the bridges and the center of the map.
Parachuting properly
After finding a good jumping location, you can do skydiving but jumping is also an art. By intending to jump into an area with lots of good food, but jumping after other players, when they jump down they have loot all of their items, even dangerous to their lives.

Nhảy dù

If you want to jump into areas near the flight path, you should jump far 400m rather than jump straight because the umbrella will push you farther. Enough soup to sprung though will land faster. At the same time, point and drag the button on the left side of the screen to direct the character forward.
Also jump near areas, do not click on the parachute button, because the game is limited to just jumping to the ground how much it will automatically parachute out, and if you swing early, jump to the ground longer.
Choosing weapon
After landing, the first thing to do is to find a gun to protect yourself better. You can pick up AKM, Scar L, Mini 14 … generally rifles because you can fight in any situation.
If you want to shoot indoors, choose a rifle or submachine like Thomson, Uzi, Vector … and Shotguns, because in the enemy’s house will be very close, often in small places, difficult to move quickly.
If in areas outside the hills and fields, you should choose the type of rifle or rifle. With subsequent matches, as the circle shrinks, the distance between you and other players is very close, so the Thomson, Shotgun, and rifles should be preferred, and the sight guns should be removed.

PUBG Mobile

Use the automatic function available
PUBG Mobile also has built-in automatic functions to make it easier for new players to get acquainted, there are 3 automatic modes for players to use:
Automatic sprint: When you want your character to always run at high speed, just drag the icon to move your left up high, that function will automatically activate (Auto Sprint).
Look around without changing the running direction: Just move the eye icon to the right of the screen, you will see around you without changing the running direction. This helps to observe whether there are enemies around you or not.
Auto Pickup: Your character will have the Auto Loot feature, which will automatically pick up the necessary items like guns, bullets, armor, and some rare sight barrels such as 4X, 8X.

Top 10 game brands with the highest revenue in the world

The gaming industry is one of the most competitive industries today, and the “giants” in this industry earn billions of dollars in revenue each year. In 2018, the total revenue of the gaming industry was $ 40 billion. All of these companies have one thing in common, that is, they always have an awesome game to boost their reputation.

GungHo Online
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
2018 revenue: $ 1.6 billion
Best selling games: Puzzles and Dragons
Founded in: 1998

Starting from an auction site and once a subsidiary of a phone selling company called Softbank, GungHo turned to an online game development company in 2000. The success of this game company, when they launched the mobile game Puzzles and Dragons, and this game is still the main income of GungHo Online. Currently Gung Ho is still developing other games after acquiring a stake from Softbank, promising to go further to overcome the shadow of Puzzles and Dragons.

Headquarters: Paris, France
2018 revenue: $ 1.9 billion
Best selling game: Assassin’s Creed series
Established in: 1986

As a family company that specializes in ordering technology components, Ubisoft sees potential in the gaming industry. Although they had some pretty good products, they still couldn’t reach the world, until they bought the shares of Red Storm Games, the developer of the series Tom Clancy, Ubisoft really grew up. In addition to Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft is also known for games like Farcry or Just Dance.

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
2018 revenue: $ 1.9 billion
Best selling game: Candy Crush Saga
Founded in: 2003

The game company had the idea of making the game difficult to be unique at the time it was founded, King wanted to make games that could be played on the Web without downloading. However, this idea did not show much, until the game company decided to hit the social networking game, namely the game on Facebook. Making money with advertising in the game, King has billions of dollars in revenue and has grown to one of the world’s largest gaming companies.

Namco Bandai
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
2018 revenue: $ 2.20 billion
Best selling game: Tekken series
Founded in: 2006

Namco is known for being one of the biggest game makers, and Bandai is known for being a toy manufacturer and also has hit TV shows, typically the childhood “Gao” of How many people. When the two merged, they developed extremely successful games like Tekken and Caliber. There are also a few other games like Bandai, Dragonball, and Gundam.

Nintendo Company
Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan
2018 revenue: $ 4.2 billion
Best selling game: Mario series
Founded in: 1889

If you only knew about Nintendo through Switch, this game company was also the manufacturer of Gameboy in the past, dreaming of childhood for a while. This game company has been operating in the game industry for a long time, they are known for products like NES or Gameboy in the past. And by the time Mario was released by Nintendo, the company had grown and became one of the most successful gaming companies in history.